Hey, I'm Alex!

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up" 
-Babe Ruth


  Kloof, Durban, South Africa

  Works in Ballito, Umhlanga,
Westville, Hillcrest & Remotely

Phone Number

+27 71 203 2967




Know a bit more about me

I have a bubbly personality and enjoy being social and meeting new people. I am independent, reliable and will do the task at hand to the best of my ability with creative flair.

I attended St Mary’s DSG in Kloof and received my Matric Bachelor Pass in 2020.

I completed my final year of my BA in Strategic Brand Communication Degree at Vega Durban in 2023.

I have started my journey of marketing as a promoter to gain first hand, practical experience in interacting and communicating with customers in a professional manner.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the variety of jobs I have been a part of and value the experience I have gained from it.

I am eager to further develop my skills and knowledge by being a part of your brand and team.

Expertise & Skills

What I'm good at


I have learnt valuable skills for communication with regards to customers and colleagues. Customers have said that I am a convincing sales person. 


I have extensive experience working in a team. Being able to lead the team to success is one of my main roles. I am also a skilled mediator in disputes and encourage team members to discuss their issues in a calm manner.

Working under pressure

I can think clearly under stressful situations, produce good work whilst still adhering to the deadline.


If there is a will... I will find a way. I do not give up easily and will use every resource accessible to me to make an idea work or find a suitable alternative. 

Fast Learner

I can pick up skills quickly and improve them further by doing research to grow my skills and knowledge.


I have a good eye for design and can create interesting visual elements using Canva and AI. I have a creative mind and can often see things from an unusual perspective.


Accomplishments so far

2015- Captain of South African Angling team
received 1st place and SA colours in fishing

2017- St Mary's 2 week Hike
Journey Hiking Captain & Navigator

2018- World Choir Games 
1st in Folk Lore International category 

2020- Dale Carnegie's How to win Friends
& Influence People course

2022- Brand Activation. 
A+ for the assignment
& best idea voted by client

2023- Brand Challenge. 
 Best improvement in a week 
& most creative team



Stretton's Gin

I was the head promoter for the brand's campaign for the day.

Discovery Team Vitality

I was part of a team who ran a marquee for the brand and influenced runners to subscribe to the club.

Old Mutual Analytics

I assisted an Executive Financial Advisor at Old Mutual and his personal assistant in the office with the files and emails. We gathered the end of year data and finished organizing documents. 


Ballito Junction Mall

I was the head promoter of the Alice in Wonderland photo booth stand and children’s Easter activities over a 10 day period.
I also took down details of the attendees and shared the Ballito Junction socials so that customers could follow them.

El Jimador Specials

I worked at Booties Pub & Grill on various occasions. I operated the POS machine and would keep track of cash payments. 

Brand Activation- Pink Room Foundation

Teams of 2nd years were paired together to work with NPO's and NGO's. We worked on a basic campaign and message for the brand to gain more popularity and volunteers.
We set out a budget, timeline and brief customer analysis. We then presented back to the client and spoke about our ideas in more depth.

Ballantine's Whisky

I was in charge of the taste testing and selling of the product. I had to gather primary data and opinions of the people and send in-depth reports to the marketing team over a 4 month period.


Durban House & Garden Show

I worked at PhytoCare's skin care stand promoting their products.

Ballito Rage Festival- MOTI 

A team and I worked at the festival promoting the brand MOTI and selling their products. We took photos and interacted with the customers over a period of 5 days. We made our sales reps and sponsors proud each night with our outstanding sales.

Brand Challenge- Shoprite

Teams of Vega 3rd year and honors students, from all campuses in SA, are given teams paired with brands.
Along with Shoprite's marketing team and ours, we analysed the client brief to create an in depth strategy behind the campaign. 

Over the month we were guided by our informative and resourceful lecturers. David Kwaan and Farrell pushed us to think deeper to find the real issue why Shoprite was struggling to connect with the Gen Z audience.

Event co-ordinator at Old Mutual

I organized a successful retirement party with the colleagues and clients of the retiree. Introducing his existing clients to the new advisor that is stepping in.

Tertiary Education


Year 1 Modules:
- Strategic Brand Communication
- Project Management
- Critical Thinking Studies
- Principles of Innovation
- Communications
- Ethics & Publicity
- Digital Design


Year 2 Modules:
- Strategic Brand Communication
- Critical thinking and Media Studies
- Practice of Innovation
- Channel Planning
- Consumer Behavior
- Sustainable Practices
- Brand Activation


Year 3 Modules:
- Strategic Brand Communication
- Introduction to Research
- Innovation Management
- Experiential Brand Building
- Research Practice
- Digital Brand Building
- Brand Challenge
- Duolingo Spanish Lessons 


SAS Models


082 716 9013

Lecturer & Navigator

David Kwaan

073 255 0518

Old Mutual

Roy Beck

082 453 2828

Lecturer & Mentor

Amy Mitchell

082 370 3037

Contact me 

How to get hold of me


Kloof, Durban, South Africa

Works in Umhlanga, Westville, Hillcrest & Remotely too


+27 71 203 2967



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